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4 Basic Skincare Tips You Should Know

woman applying skin creamOur skin is faced with a huge job each day protecting and sheltering us from all the yucky stuff floating around us. The least we can do is have a good skincare routine to return the favor and keep it healthy.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

1. Use Your Sunscreen … Pretty Please

Want flawless, supple skin as you enjoy the rest of your life? Keep that sunscreen close. The sun is responsible for wrinkly lines on your face and dark spots on shoulders. You may not be able to see the effects of sun damage in your younger years but please believe it will be very apparent as you age.

Let’s not minimize this threat to just your appearance. A greater threat caused by the sun is skin cancer. Wear your sunscreen proudly regardless of the season or however low-risk that you feel. A little prevention goes a long way.

2. Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

This rule regarding makeup removal can’t be stressed enough. The left over makeup will not only smudge your bed sheets  but it will clog your pores trapping dead skin cells. Sleep is supposed to be a cycle of restoration, but day old makeup prevents the skin from regenerating while you sleep. Still not convinced? Blackheads. Enough said.

3. Moisture For Your Skin

Moisturizing the skin is such an essential element in skincare. You wouldn’t believe how many people ignore the benefits of moisturizing. Our body is an amazing machine, and moisturizer helps our body to regenerate our skin. This is crucial for anyone dealing with dry skin or maintaining an anti-aging skincare routine.

4. Keep Your Skin clean – Always

Cleanliness and good hygiene are your best tools for healthy, beautiful skin. You may be squeaking by with a daily splash of water on your face, but a mild cleanser can really take your routine to the next level. It’s just an extra step to know that any lingering grime has been removed from your skin. Remember, a clean face is key to keeping acne at bay!

Caring for our skin doesn’t have to be a burden. Surely, these few tips can help pamper your skin and act as a big ‘THANK YOU’ for all it does each day.

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